The Data protection Game
Approaching the topic

Staying informed about the latest regulations

We understand that the General Data Protection Regulations, better known as the GDPR, poses a learning challenge.  A number of our clients have asked us to create a solution that brings the subject alive and makes the learning stick.  We listened and responded with WiCompli. We have teamed up with NIGC, a leading information governance consultancy and fuse their immense expertise with our ethos of “people learn more when they are having fun”. The result is a three-stage complete package including:


> An educational animated video, which aims to set out the Data Protection Principles 



> A learning game that stimulates more in-depth thinking about data protection 



> An online assessment to consolidate learning. Successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion 

Where we come in

The Support you need

GDPR requires significant changes to how organisations think and behave. WiCompli was created as a learning programme to ensure your people understand what’s changing and the impact that this has on their roles, responsibilities and the organisation’s business practices and processes. This full learning experience explores the following key topics:


> Ensuring everyone understands the revised principles and 12 steps for the transition to the new legislation.



> Developing an organizational culture where there is individual and collective responsibility



> Teaching people about how the GDPR applies to their day to day work



> Understanding how to handle and report data breaches



> Consideration of the enhanced Information Rights for individuals



> Exploring the impact of non-compliance on brand, customer experience and finances.

Long-term plans

Programmes & sessions

WiCompli is very flexible, from online to hands-on training. You can use it with all staff, from senior leader to frontline staff.  The learning map can be used from 2 hours to a whole day and you can customise content specifically for your organisation.   Contact to arrange a demo, so you can really understand how WiCompli can benefit your organisation at all levels.

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