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Getting to grips with the changes under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), is a must.

WiCompli is a game-based solution that brings the subject alive and embeds learning. We have teamed up with NIGC, experts in Information Governance and together we have fused our expertise, experience and the ethos that “people learn more when they are having fun”.

WiCompli – a 3 step package to learning:

  • An educational animated video, which sets out the GDPR Essentials.
  • A game that stimulates more in-depth thinking and application of data protection principles.
  • An online assessment to consolidate learning.

Successful candidates will receive a certificate of completion.

WiCompli is a tangible “talking piece” in the learning environment, sparking conversation, stimulating collaboration and creating an energising learning experience. WiCompli can be used by all colleagues, from frontline to senior management. It can be used for as little as 90 minutes up to a whole day, depending on the learning objectives and needs.

We use what we’ve learned to develop learning experiences that form part of your change process, designed to reflect you and your desired outcomes.

Wi Compli Video

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Lack of knowledge of how the latest GDPR laws affect how companies can use data they collect from users and clients
  • Leading to the chance of heavy financial sanctions being imposed on the business
  • Possibility of being put out of business by these sanctions

Wi Compli helps you:

  • Understand how to handle and report data breaches
  • Understand the new GDPR laws

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