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Turn around poor productivity in your team

Team building is sparked for a number of reasons.  You may recognise some of the following:

  • Poor productivity
  • Negative team dynamics
  • Poor communications, lack of trust and accountability
  • Absenteeism

We will help you to:

  • Increase positive working relationships and greater cohesion
  • Get greater trust and accountability within teams
  • Clarify how to build and/ or  improve working relationships
  • Increase understanding of purpose and business objectives
  • Increase productivity

Check out how Breaking Out of Prison is a brilliant game to develop your team

If you are experiencing any of these or other challenges, you need a team-building experience that will have an immediate impact, but also provide sustainable and long term gains. We’ll work with you to understand the uniqueness of your team and challenges and build a programme that is right for you.

To escape from prison, you have to be calculated, sharp, goal-focussed, be a team-worker, and be ready to seize the opportunity. An escape room is an immersive learning experience that provides a really accurate snapshot of a team’s dynamics. And it’s great fun.

We have partnered with Fox in a Box London, one of the UK’s leading Escape Rooms.  Together we provide a unique range of learning experiences, built around an escape room theme.  So, if you don’t want to break out of prison, you can save the world from a nuclear bomb!

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