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Induction is a window to the soul of your organisation.

 Have you succeeded in connecting new people to your brand and leaving them with the impression you want?

Your induction experience is crucial to ensure new starters believe they’ve made the right decisions. Is your induction engaging? Are you talking with your new recruits or talking at them? Is the experience one that positively reflects your brand, your values and the experience you want your new starters to have

You may have:

  • An induction experience that lacks engagement
  • Too much information crammed into a little time
  • An underwhelming event, that fails to meet the expectations
  • Induction that does not make understanding your company culture easy

Our Induction will help you:

  • Provide an experience that is consistent with your brand
  • Connect newcomers emotionally and intellectually to your brand
  • Deliver a more inclusive and immersive learning experience

We work to ensure your new recruits hit the ground running. First impressions matter.

We bring a fresh, fun perspective, whilst giving you the resources you need to deliver future-proofed programmes to your staff. Our tailor-made induction learning maps are a fantastic way of transforming inductions into an inspiring, educational experience that helps employees learn more about your company vision, values, and history, as well as the part they’ll play in it.

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