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Conflict can be destructive or cohesive, depending upon the culture and individual’s response.

Within the workplace, conflict is inevitable and, in many scenarios, to be welcomed. But often conflict is handled poorly. We are here to help you handle conflict more confidently and competently. We work with you to understand your business and the types of conflict you experience.

You may  recognise  the following :

  • Breakdown in communications impacting on relationships
  • Dysfunctional teams and individuals working in silos
  • A culture of complaints, blame, and grievances
  • Productivity impacted by increased sickness, absence, low productivity, and poor performance

We will help you create a programme that supports :

  • Colleagues understanding their personal response to conflict and how to change this where required
  • Improved strategies for positively managing conflict
  • Supporting managers to have brave and honest conversations
  • Mediation skills that can be used formally or informally

We work with you to develop programmes. This can range from a one-day session on ‘Brave Conversations’ to an accredited mediation programme. If you would like to speak to someone about how we can support a more positive approach and understanding of conflict, book a demo or schedule a call below.

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