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Customer experience is often defined by when things go wrong and how you respond.

Just imagine that your customer experience was a bodybuilder with a massive upper body and skinny underdeveloped legs. The skinny legs are how complaints are handled!

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to develop their complaints experience. When we work with you with you, we take you from thinking about a complaints procedure to a complaints experience.

Some of the common challenges you may experience include :

  •  Negative attitude and behaviours to complaints
  • Heavy focus on the procedure and a fear of getting things wrong 
  • Insensitive or inappropriate responses to complaints 
  • Not learning the lessons from complaints 

When we work with you some of the changes, we can help you achieve are:

  • Developing skills and behaviours which are more positive towards complaints
  • A shift from responding, to resolving complaints 
  • Increased learning from complaints
  • A culture where customers feel able to talk to you and not have to necessarily complain  

We have a range of learning experiences for Complaints professionals, management, and frontline colleagues. All of them are customised to meet your unique challenges, business processes, and aspirations. View our solutions below

Complaints Made Easy

One way to define customer experience is how you behave when things go wrong.

Complaints are like medicine

Sometimes hard to swallow, but good for you.

Masterclass in Complaints

This is a transformative programme that supports strategic thinkers and those with
operational responsibility for complaints handling.

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