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Racial Equity Workshop

Join the many organisations demonstrating a genuine desire to address Race and become more equitable and inclusive.
A starting point for our clients is Race – Let’s Have a Conversation.   

In one hour, facilitated forums*, staff discover a safe, confidential space to explore Race. The conversations are shaped by questions. Colleagues share their feelings, experiences and reflect honestly on Race and your organisation and the changes they would like to see.

Our approach to these forums is, “Tell your story unapologetically and listen without filters”. When the forums conclude, we analyse the data, write a report, and explore the findings with senior leaders and colleagues, then support you to shape your next steps.  

*The forums can be face to
face or virtual.  

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"AKD facilitated an honest and powerful conversation about race, giving participants the opportunity to share their experiences safely and inclusively. It was an authentic and hugely important opportunity to hear first-hand experiences to help us to understand the issues better. I found the experience thoroughly interesting and insightful, and I hope to continue the conversation at my organisation".
Hamid Vaghefian - London Marathon Events