Video based learning

Our Approach

Video needs to be hard-hitting and engaging. Part of the trick is to tell stories that grab the viewer and stimulate them to think creatively about their roles. We’ve worked across a wide range of industries and have successfully produced videos for clients that include IHG, VolkerStevin, and Sheffield Teaching Hospital.

Behind the process

We think about each video project we embark on as a creative project, not an opportunity to overload people with dry information. Skillfully curated video content can feel like a conversation with an expert. Our video content can encourage delegates to think of their role from a different perspective. We’ve also found that our short educational films make it more likely that your team retain what they’ve learned.

The Result

Our expertise has allowed us to deliver projects that are informative but in a way that that is sensitive and emotionally engaging. We’ll handle the stress of production, leaving you free to think about the message you want to get across. Clients say our videos have helped their workforce learn things that they can apply to their role in their organisation.

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