Game based learning


Our Apporach

Children learn by playing games.
In over 9 years of creating unique learning maps, we have found that adults are no different.
We’d love to have a chance to introduce your team to our customised forms of game-based learning.
It uses the same psychology that allows children to develop valuable life skills through play.

Behind the process

Our learning maps are stimulating, and encourage engagement because they are colourful, intriguing, and fun.
Our bespoke designs provide a great opportunity to stimulate conversation, foster collaboration and nurture a collective learning experience.
They also work – our clients tell us that maps help their teams remember and apply what they’ve learned, leading to tangible improvements.

The Result

Our expertise has been used by a wide range of clients – from educational institutions, to top executives at FTSE 100 companies.

We’ve created over 40 learning maps across the globe and take pride in working in collaboration with clients to find ways to refine and perfect each and every design. The use of real-life scenarios helps participants to make the connection between what they are learning and their everyday work life.

It creates a safe space for people to try new things and make mistakes.
People learn more when they’re having fun.

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