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Diversity and Inclusion

Our Approach

We’ve said that organisations need to be brave enough to stimulate honest, challenging conversations around diversity and inclusion that lead to authentic change.
Equally Yours provides the solution. It is dynamic, challenging, thought-provoking and fun and provides a platform for both reflection and moving forward.


What people love about Equally Yours is that it’s truly inclusive. It challenges everyone to look at themselves first and then at others. It allows participants to explore a range of diversity manners in a way which is challenging but safe.  Overall, it validates you and stretches you at the same time.

a really flexible solution

It can be used from 2 hours to a whole day. It can be played by all staff from senior management to frontline staff. And we can customise the content for your organisation and industry.

Learning objectives will vary depending on your audience and business objectives, but could include:


– A deeper understanding and confidence in managing diversity and inclusion.


 – Exploring perceptions, thinking and behaviour and the impact on for individuals and the organisation.


 – A better knowledge of legislation, policy and guidance and the impact on decision making, systems and conduct.


 – Agreeing on actions that are designed for authentic change.

An honest dialogue

Why This Helps Your Organisation:


Equally Yours helps to create an honest dialogue, in which we encourage everyone to participate. The honesty often dispels myths.  Colleagues will share their experiences in powerful ways.  It will also offer people the ability to reflect on themselves and think more carefully about their lens and the impact of how they think and behave.


Organisations that have an opportunity to think about how they re-design, recruit, develop and promote in a way that is for the organisation’s good and its employees, customers and communities.


In-House Or Outsourced Training:


We have a team of highly experienced Associates with a vast knowledge of delivering Diversity and Inclusion programmes. However, you can also purchase Equally Yours™.

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“Equally Yours – are you brave enough?”