App enhanced learning

Our Approach

Apps can be a powerful tool for stimulating engagement. They can help people in an organisation take responsibility for their own learning, in their own time, at their own pace. But not many apps do this well – often they aren’t engaging, tactile, or part of a wider educational process.

Behind the process

Intelligent app development is about working out the best way to deliver information in a way that is exciting and stimulating.

Our experience working across different industries – from retail to government and healthcare – has given us the expertise to create bespoke apps that work for you and for your colleagues. We’ve worked with clients to develop apps that reinforce the learning that takes place in educational programmes.

The Result

With Balfour Beatty we created an animated game focussed on improving customer experience.
The projects we’ve worked on are designed to challenge the user in a stimulating way that educates them and encourages them to think critically.
We’re also working on ways to create increasingly engaging apps that can encourage staff to adopt a culture that makes them feel they can learn wherever they are.

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