Organisational development is the vehicle that drives change.

Organisational Development

Approaching the topic

Start from the top

A lot of organisations come to us seeking strategic change. But we often find they haven’t invested the time or energy needed to create a working environment that will be responsive to the changes they’re looking to harness.

Where we come in

The Guidance and Support you need

Collaboration lies at the heart of this programme. We’ll meet with you to ask a few vital questions that will help us understand who you are, who you are becoming, and the values and behaviours you believe will help drive the change you need. These insights will not only enable us to adapt our programmes to suit your exact needs, but are often a good way of working out if there are misalignments between your aims and your current working culture.

We then use what we’ve learned to develop learning experiences that form part of your change process, designed to reflect you and your desired outcome. The resulting programme will be based on a real-life scenarios, and will be challenging and stimulating for all participants involved – whether they find it exciting, challenging, or truly inspiring.

Programmes & sessions

A bespoke solution that suits your needs

Your organisation is unique, so we’ll make sure we create a development solution that suits your unique needs. This could involve anything from bespoke discovery walks or creating an app, to designing a learning map for your organisation and developing energising workshops for you and your stakeholders. Our programmes are designed to be disruptive – so let our experts at AKD give you the help and support needed to transform your vision into reality.

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