Customer Success Acceleration Programme


Mears is the leading social housing repairs and maintenance provider in the UK, and a major presence in the home care and support market. With around 8,000 employees providing care to around 13,000 people across the UK, customer satisfaction is one of their top priorities.  

Mears wanted ensure that all colleagues had the awareness, understanding, and tools to put the customer at the heart of everything they did. Having worked with AKD Solutions at a previous role, a new member of their Client & Customer Service department contacted us to help develop a programme that would help to deliver significant improvements in customer satisfaction at Mears.


Our Approach

We worked with Mears to create the Customer Success Acceleration Programme. This is a 5 month talent management programme for managers and team leaders in their customer service and community team. The programme covered a range of topics from Communication skills, management development and social value. A lot of creativity went into developing a programme that stretched participants. The programme included designing a restaurant and project-managing the arrival of 4000 paralympians to an Athlete Village.    

Delegates were then provided with an opportunity to demonstrate their learning, by completing a project that was set by their senior management.



The programme was a great success, with 92% of delegates saying they would recommend it. We were told that our work has enabled Mears employees to better connect with their customers and their colleagues, instilling a more collaborative culture within the company.  

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