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About AKD Solutions
Our purpose is to stimulate brilliance in people and organisations. We spark that brilliance by designing and delivering stimulating, challenging and fun learning experiences. We recognise that we could hold the keys to people’s futures, unlocking potential and possibilities. We take this seriously.

Everything we do is fuelled by our fundamental beliefs. We believe:

Brilliance is in every person and organisation. Our role    is to spark this through the learning experiences we    design and deliver.

In the uniqueness of every person and organisation,   we work with. We respect and reflect this in every   aspect of our relationship.  

In the power of conversation to stimulate new   thinking and change.

In developing meaningful and genuine relationships.  

That everything we do should be fun.

"Really interesting content. I liked that the facilitator let the conversation run, recognising the discussion was helping answer a lot of our real world issues and concerns around the daily logistics of the process. It was a very informative, relaxed and constructive learning environment with a knowledgeable and effective facilitator"

The Team
Linda Otabor
Project Manager
Laura Otabor-Risino
Finance Manager
Akin Thomas
Katherine Messies Executive Assistant
 Business Development
Lyndon Ehigie
Finance Asisstant
Johnny Craike
Senior Associate
Nathifa Douet
Senior Associate
Bola Oginni
Senior Associate
Melanie Anning
June Hampton
Senior Associate
Jerome Witter
Senior Associate
Khembe Clarke
Senior Associate
Maureen Obatomi
Karmah Boothe

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