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Leadership Development

We are privileged to have spent thousands of hours partnering with leaders on journeys of development.
They have come from all over the world, from a wide variety of industries. Some of the lessons we’ve learnt: 

• Too many leaders are good managers
• Organisations often constrain leaders rather than
  liberating them
• If there is no purpose, you will struggle to have an   impact. 

Our programmes are bespoke, designed specifically for you. They are often unconventional, disruptive, and require vulnerability to empower people to do the right thing.    

Leaders are the architects of the future. What type of future are you going to design?
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ACE is a model of leadership that provides leaders and organisations with a framework in which to disrupt normality and create significant change.  It has been specifically designed as a tool for leaders who are committed to greater diversity, inclusion and equity in their organisations but has far wider application.
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Architects of the Future

Recent history has demonstrated that certainty and normality can disappear in the blink of an eye. So we need to lead by embracing these realities and be willing to disrupt ourselves and our organisations.
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Discover Your Leadership DNA

Discover Your Leadership DNA™ reflects years of work in the fields of leadership and management. It is highly flexible and can be used as a separate tool, or as part of a longer development programme. All leaders can benefit whether aspiring, new or established and just needing that opportunity to reflect and refocus.  We can facilitate Discover Your Leadership DNA for you or you can choose to purchase and use it in-house
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"AKD Solutions always positively challenged us to think bigger and think differently, that is why we continue to work with them and have such a strong partnership.  We always receive exceptional service from the team and the training solutions we create together never fail to win awards...... a great combination that always delivers a win win outcome!"
Gary Jackson, Group Director of Marketing Communications and Customer Success Mears
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We want to make a difference, not just in what we do but how we develop our people. Through AKD, we have been able to on board individuals and teams to our culture through conversation and fun, regardless of their geographical location, language and level in the organisation. Visionary and solution orientated, AKD understand our needs and are able to respond with ‘just the right’ solution every time.
Yvonne Villinger, Head of Global Talent and Cultural Transformation DB Schenker
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“What Akin and his team offer is very different to what many experience as part of a leadership development programme.  Their focus is on experiential learning rather than typical theory and classroom-based training.  AKD have partnered with us to challenge our approach and push the boundaries of our thinking to create and deliver a bespoke, innovative development programme for our leadership team.  The results have been truly inspirational and have left a lasting impact on all participants.”
Alison Bell, HR Director MTR Elizabeth Line
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