Get your new recruits off the starting block and help them hit the ground running.


Approaching the topic

Help your new recruits hit the ground running

First impressions matter. Being engaged with a company’s values, processes and culture from day 1 make it more likely that new recruits will stay with you longer. It’s important that your induction is engaging, inspiring and stimulating for new employees.

Where we come in

Transforming your induction process

We bring a fresh, fun perspective to your induction process, whilst giving you the resources you need to deliver future-proofed programmes to your staff. Our tailor-made induction learning maps are a fantastic way of transforming inductions into an inspiring, educational experience that helps employees learn more about your company vision, values and history, as well as the part they’ll play in it.

Programmes & sessions

 A bespoke solution that suits your needs

Our world-class facilitators will help you design a process which is fun, interactive and engaging, building a programme that equips new starters to hit the ground running, armed with the skills and knowledge they need to perform at their best. Our induction learning maps give you the flexibility to create a unique induction experience, without having to start the process from scratch. Our learning maps can help your colleagues review and refine what they do, using game-based learning to transform the experience.

Many of the people we speak to say they’re looking for an induction programme that helps new employees hit the ground running. Let us help you devise a new creative, stimulating strategy to inspire your new starters.

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