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Equally Yours Demo

March 9 @ 10:00 am - 11:15 am

Our diversity & inclusion learning map can now be played online, in the comfort of your home

We’ve said that organisations need to be brave enough to stimulate honest, challenging conversations around diversity and inclusion that lead to authentic change. Equally Yours allows this.

How the board works: Teams travel around the board, progressing by responding to a range of questions and scenarios

Equally Yours will synthesize new thinking on how employees think towards diversity and inclusion topics in the workplace. By the end of the day your attitude and awareness towards diversity & inclusion will shift to understanding how to better manage these issues within your organisations setting.

What people love about Equally Yours is that it’s truly inclusive. It challenges everyone to look at themselves first and then at others. It allows participants to explore a range of diversity manners in a way that is challenging but safe. Overall, it validates you and stretches you at the same time.

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