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Breaking out of prison or saving the world!
To say that teams have been significantly impacted by the pandemic is an understatement.  Some colleagues still haven’t met their colleagues face to face.  Working dynamics over Zoom or Teams have worked for some and not for others.  

And now we are going to see a gradual move back to the office.  So how do you plan for introducing new colleagues, reconnecting former colleagues, reinvigorating a team spirit and pushing for great performance?  

There’s no better way than getting your team to break out of prison or save the world!!  We have partnered with Fox in a Box London, one of the leading Escape Rooms in the UK, to offer a brilliant team-building experience.  The Experience provides great insights into, working together, decision making, communication, working under pressure and leadership.  

We offer a unique package in which your team is observed and assessed as they undertake the escape room.  After the escape room we undertake a detailed debrief which explores how the escape room aligns to the work experience and what changes you can make to increase trust, communication and performance.    We can cater for teams with up to 24 people.

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