Conflict Resolution

Approaching the topic

Handling conflict in your organisation

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable.

Avoiding or mishandling conflict, both internal and external, can have detrimental results to your brand and to your profitability. Skilful handling of workplace conflict can prevent this from happening.

Where we come in

The Guidance and Support you need

Our team of highly experienced facilitators has worked extensively across a wide range of industries, handling everything from mediation to arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution.
Mediation can be a powerful tool and in our experience it can be transformational, helping people become more solution-focused.
After initial consultations, we will work with your team to develop strategies to handle conflict in the workplace, or conflict between organisations and clients, with confidence.

Programmes & sessions

A Bespoke Solution That Suits Your Needs

We will take you and your staff on a journey that will look at how to define and understand conflict and how to be aware of emotional and behavioural issues in the workplace.
Our programme will draw on the experience of conflict in a wide variety of sectors.

We will stimulate your workforce to have challenging conversations that can encourage cultural change across your organisation.

We’ll also ensure that processes are put in place to prevent the same issues recurring.

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