Complaints are like medicine - hard to swallow, but good for you...

Complaints Management

Approaching the topic

Handling complaints skillfully is an art form.

Getting complaints wrong can be damaging for your brand. Don’t let customers ditch you for rivals because your complaints management isn’t up to scratch. Online reviews and comparison sites mean that it’s more important than ever that businesses find solutions that are tailored to each complaint.

Where we come in

Providing solutions for your customers

Customers want solutions to their problems when things go wrong, not just a one-size-fits-all policy. Our solutions empower your people to actually resolve customers’ problems, rather than just respond to them. Your people will be equipped with the tools they need to take each complaint and transform it into a positive experience for your customers, rather than calling upon one-size-fits-all processes that are often more prohibitive than helpful. You’ll thank us, and so will your customers.

Programmes & sessions

From training days to long-term inclusion plans

Training staff to deliver a high standard of complaints management is a crucial and often overlooked aspect of customer experience. Our workshops equip people to improve their handling of complaints but also to ensure individuals understand that their interactions with customers shape the perception of your brand.

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