Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world. In the US over 70% of customer engagement was online. In Europe it was 5%. Toyota Europe wanted to address this and make it easier for customers to engage with them online. They wanted to develop a comprehensive strategy that facilitated this, included a programme of learning and development that could be rolled out across all the European nations.

“Kaiwa (the Japanese name of our programme) was an excellent and refreshing way for our national marketing & sales companies across Europe to experience the wide range of social media available on the internet, and to be challenged and learn the practical impacts of customer handling in a safe social media environment.”
David Heming, Customer Relations Manager, Toyota


Our Approach

A Bespoke training course for Customer Relations and Marketing staff

We worked very closely with Toyota to develop Kaiwa (Kaiwa means conversation in Japanese). This was a 2-day course that was attended by customer relations and marketing staff. This equipped employees with the skills to communicate more consistently and clearly with customers online, optimize different channels, and work together more collaboratively.

We delivered the programme across Europe to delegates from over 30 nations. It has supported countries which had little or no social media presence, as well as providing a stimulating learning event for more mature markets



Continuous development over the past four years

Our programme has now become an integral part of Toyota’s social business model and feedback received from Toyota reports that tangible improvements regarding customer experience have been made nationwide. The success of Kaiwa has meant that we were regular guests at their annual European conferences, where we deliver customer experience based workshops.

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