1 Introduction

A conversation with Rio Tinto’s Chief Operating Officer at London Business School led to us being asked if we could help improve staff engagement across their workforce.

The challenge was to deliver a programme that could address a diverse workforce that spans different countries and cultures.


Our Approach

Ti Amo (Italian for ‘I love you’) was designed to look at how to get customers to fall in love with brands.

We realized that we could use aspects of the model to help staff at Rio Tinto engage with their brand.

But this version of our Ti Amo programme, which helps participants understand the importance of being knowledgeable and emotionally committed to an organization, was tailored specifically to Rio Tinto’s requirements.

We traveled to Madagascar and delivered a workshop that was designed to be disruptive and stimulating, and matched the needs of Rio Tinto’s diverse workforce.



Our workshop, run by one of our numerous world-class facilitators, was hard-hitting and led to some challenging conversations.

It forced Rio Tinto staff to identify the root causes of their lack of engagement and think creatively about ways to develop a culture of better engagement with colleagues at all levels.

It also helped delegates develop strategies in tune with the vision and core ideology of their company.

An HR Business Partner for Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium said they believed AKD “played a pivotal role in helping us to shape our organization in a way that makes employees proud to work for Rio Tinto”.

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