The ECB is responsible for the management of all 40 cricket counties across England and Wales. One Game was a strategy to ensure cricket is seen as a wholly inclusive sport. ECB recognised that in order to effectively execute their strategy, they needed a workforce that was confident and competent in matters of equality, diversity and inclusion.


Our Approach

We understand that diversity and inclusion can be subjects people are often fearful or reluctant to engage with. That’s why we suggested that ECB use ‘Equally Yours’ – an immersive solution which allows participants to increase their understanding of legislation, explore how they would manage a range of real-life scenarios, and discuss different stereotypes and issues in a fun, vibrant and safe environment.



The England and Wales Cricket Board has reported a greater understanding of equality and diversity across their teams, more confidence when engaging with different communities, and staff who are now more willing to try different things and engage with different people – all key requirements for ensuring their latest strategy achieves its core objectives. The end result was an engaging, relatable and immersive experience for all staff and team members.

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