One of the world’s largest fashion retailers wanted their new recruits to feel proud to work for them.

C&A’s Senior Management Team wanted to encourage new starters to start their career with excitement, enthusiasm, and an appreciation of the company’s history.
The brief was to find a way of making recruits fall in love with the company culture through the creation of a stimulating, immersive experience.


Our Approach

Using our years of experience working across a wide variety of industries, we created an interactive programme that included a learning map, enabling players to travel through C&A’s rich history, all the way from its humble beginnings in the 1840s.

We created a way for them to be able to appreciate their company’s history, vision, and values, as well as helping them appreciate the important role they would play in the organization’s future.

Alongside our programme, we replaced traditional training manuals with scrapbooks for each new starter to keep with them throughout their entire career at C&A, inspiring them to undertake new and exciting learning and development opportunities.



Our programme helped new starters to understand how they could apply C&A’s core concepts to their daily roles in a way that gave them a stake in the company’s future.

The revamped programmed was piloted with a cross-section of staff, and shortly afterward C&A rolled out their new induction programme in their Brussels and Dusseldorf headquarters.

The company’s Head of HR told us that AKD “hit the ball out of the park”.

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