Infrastructure group Balfour Beatty wanted to find a way to improve their customer experience and help their team consolidate what they had learned.


Our Approach

After consultations with Balfour, we helped develop a customized version of our ‘Enhancing Customer Experience’ program for them. This was designed to improve customer experience and help Balfour’s team consolidate and apply what they had learned.

Balfour told us it has been used with over 5,000 staff and it went on to win UK training awards.
However later the company asked us if we could develop a tool that could be used more widely across the organization outside of a classroom environment. A member of our team had a flash of inspiration during his commute: a simple app-based game featuring field engineers responding to customer questions.

A correct answer resulted in a piece of pipe being laid, and an incorrect answer led to a pipe bursting.



We successfully pitched our creative, stimulating training app to Balfour.

Gary Jackson, the Head of Client & Customer Service at Balfour Beatty, described us as “brilliant to work with”.

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