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UK Athletics

Donna Fraser became a client of AKD Solutions at the end of 2017. We’ve known her for years, but it’s a real privilege to be working with such a hardworking and inspiring woman who continues to lead on subjects that are closed to our values and culture.

Donna is a 4 time Olympian and currently the Vice President and Equality, Diversity & Engagement Lead at UK Athletics. From an early age she showed interest in running, “I ran everywhere, but my talent was picked up at Primary school at the age of eight” she says.

At the age of 13 she was selected to represent Great Britain & NI and she describes the experience as “a real eye-opener”. Donna has competed at a global level and has been a medalist in the Commonwealth Games, World and European Championships.The Sydney Olympics in 2000 was the year where Donna hit the pinnacle of her career when she finished 4th.

Following a series of injuries and a battle with breast cancer, Donna had to put her career on hold and expresses it as the most challenging time of her life. However, in the recent years, she has been focusing on delivering motivational speaking and inspirational presentations in schools, colleges and universities and businesses.

“I have been going into schools since my teens, but what really encouraged me to do more was when I was recovering from breast cancer. You only have one life and if I can help someone be more positive and give encouragement through my experiences, I am happy to do so.”

“Determination is key”

Donna shares that during her sessions she always refers to the Olympic and Paralympic Values, one of which is determination.”My primary school teacher would always tell me to ‘be determined’ and I hold on to that thought to this day.”

At AKD Solutions we consult and create unique and innovative learning experiences by encouraging conversation, collaboration and sharing values.

The current leader for Equality, Diversity & Engagement Lead admitted that she was looking to deliver ED&I training to the UK Athletics Board and Senior Leadership when she selected our company through a tender process to deliver the training: “I wanted a powerful programme for our Board and SLT and AKD hit the mark with what I was looking for to deliver this work and the rest is history.”

Donna Fraser’s last words on AKD Solutions, “Professional, Dynamic, Committed”

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