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We will be working with UK Sport and the four sports councils.

#TellYourStory - Researching race and racism in sport.

We’re really proud to announce that we have won the tender to research Race and Racism in sport in the UK.  We will be working with UK Sport and the four sports councils.

We will be exploring the lived experiences of athletes, coaches, parents, fans, volunteers and staff.  We’ve assembled a brilliant team of researchers and creatives who will bring a unique touch to this important work.  When we pitched for this we were genuine in telling the Sport Councils that the reason we wanted to do this is because “it’s personal”.  Our team has many links to sport from recreational to elite athletes and we are looking forward to hearing your stories that will help create real change.

We want to say a big thank you to UK Sport, Sport England, Sport Wales, Sport Scotland and Sport Northern Ireland, for choosing to partner with us.  The team are working amazingly hard and we will soon be launching.  So watch out and more importantly be ready to join in.

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