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#TELLYOURSTORY update - Researching race and racism in sport

Last November we began our work with the UK Sports Councils, looking at the impact of race and racism on sporting lives. The stories we heard were challenging, traumatic, encouraging and inspiring. We thank each participant and everyone who shared their experiences.

We were incredibly proud to host the recent #TellYourStory participants' feedback forum. One hundred and three people attended the session, including the CEOs of UK Sport, Sport England, Sport Wales, sportscotland and Sport Northern Ireland.

Three of our colleagues reflect on the #TellYourStory journey so far.

"This is a hugely important piece of work for the team and one that we were totally immersed in and committed to. We made a promise to all participants to represent them authentically. We listened intently to every single story from grassroots participants, parents and supporters to elite athletes and their coaches.

"Their stories were used to craft a roadmap to trust and commitment to change across the sporting sector. The trends and themes that emerged offered an insight into the reasons for poor participation and lost talent. It is important that these stories are not told in vain and will be used to influence sporting policy and practice across the sector".

Heather David AKD Solutions Research Lead. 

"It's been a challenging but exciting time, and I am delighted that we've been able to deliver and share the report with so many of those involved."

"This report needs to impact and influence key decision-makers inside sport. They need to listen and hear all the experiences of people who have suffered from, and excelled despite racism in sport. It was a pleasure that all the people present were engaged and taking note of the experiences". 

Ladi Ajayi Head of Sport AKD Solutions

"Wednesday was an immensely proud moment for me as we facilitated the #TellYourStory feedback meeting. Many of those who shared their lived experiences were able to hear how their stories had shaped the findings." 

"I also want to acknowledge the CEOs of the five Sports Councils' who turned up to listen to the participants and begin a dialogue of co-creation. And to the most fantastic team anyone could wish to work with, I want to thank you for your unbelievable energy, effort and commitment.  

"From the outset, we made it clear it was personal, and we weren't willing just to do the project and move on. We have committed to being part of real change".

Akin Thomas CEO AKD Solutions 

When the Sports Councils' have fully reviewed the report and recommendations, and decided on their next steps, it will be published. Watch this space!


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