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Fox in the Box CEO on business lessons learned during the pandemic

Reset, Focus and Self-Care

We’re relaunching Fox in a Box Escape Rooms in May, and we’ll be taking it to unbelievable heights. I love analogies, so hope this one will explain why I believe this.

In Formula One, whenever there’s an incident on the track, and it’s no longer safe for the race to continue - the safety car comes out, and everything slows down until the track is clear.

The pack bunches together, established leads become void, and equilibrium is restored. Teams use this as an opportunity to pivot and tweak their strategy.

If I’m frank, the lockdown saved me. The company was in bad shape, and I was on the brink of burning out. I was forced to stop. I got off the hamster wheel and took a step back. I started taking care of myself, working smarter, not harder.

I have learned that no matter what, there can always be a silver lining. The trick is to train your mind to see it; otherwise, you’ll never know it’s there. During the lockdowns, I’ve been working on my mindset, and it’s allowed me to see the positives hiding in plain sight! Reframing has pushed me to use this time as an opportunity to learn and restrategise.

When we first launched Fox in a Box, I didn’t really know what I was doing. We had a vision but no data, no team, no money - literally the bank balance on opening day was £0.

Lockdown didn’t just force me to stop. It forced everyone to stop, most notably our competition. COVID-19 was our safety car. Now with this reset, the race is back on. However, this time we’ve got some money in the account, I am privileged to have a fantastic team around me, and I now know what I want to do.

We’re currently number four on Trip Advisor, but we’re coming for that number one spot.

Let the race begin!

by Sheyi Thomas - CEO Fox In A Box London

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