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For those who haven’t experienced an escape room, it is one of the fastest...

What A Prison Break -Out Can Teach You About Your Team

You’ve been sentenced to life in prison, all your appeal requests have been denied … your only means to freedom is to escape. When you’re just about to give up all hope, a sudden riot gives you a one hour window to do so.This is one of the scenarios that we present to teams at Fox in a Box, London’s newest escape room. For those who haven’t experienced an escape room, it is one of the fastest-growing trends in physical game entertainment.  But we’ve also seen how escape rooms are really effective for team building, leadership development, assessment centers, and business planning.In one hour we work with teams to explore a whole range of skills and competencies including teamwork, decision making, communication, working under pressure.

The first time I did an escape room was in Nice. I’d never even heard of an escape room, but 59 minutes and 49 seconds later (yes we completed it with 11 seconds to spare) I was hooked. As we left the room, I caught my business partner, Sheyi’s eye and we knew this was something special.2 weeks later Sheyi and I were in Stockholm exploring escape rooms even more.  What struck me was a few weeks before a senior manager from Volvo had to decide which team to allocate an important project. He brought them to Fox in a Box Stockholm and observed them from the Game Master’s room.   One team gave up with 4 minutes to spare, the other team kept going to the end. The Senior Manager walked away with his mind made up. Sheyi walked away as the new owner of Fox in a Box London and I walked away with a new dimension to learning.

So what can you learn from breaking out of prison?

To escape from prison, you have to be calculated, sharp, focused on the goal, great teamwork, and to seize the opportunity.   An escape room is an immersive learning experience that provides a really accurate snapshot of a team’s dynamics. What I really love about escape rooms is there’s no place to hide.  And of course, there’s the added bonus, it’s great fun!

AKD Solutions has partnered with Fox in a Box London, to provide a comprehensive range of learning experience for team building, leadership development, and business planning.

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