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Fox in a Box London, is Londons newest escape room

One Hundred to One

For years AKD has had this ambition to work with a new business and really understand how impactful we are and do we really stimulate brilliance.

Well, we’ve now got the opportunity.  Fox in a Box London, is Londons newest escape room. Sheyi Thomas is the CEO and has already identified a unique model for taking escape rooms to the next level. He is also my son. Sheyi has set the challenge.

“I want you to help take us from 100 to 1 on TripAdvisor and let’s do it as a live case study.”

Naturally, we said yes and we are going to share this journey with you;  We’ll give you insights into the systems, procedures, and learning experiences that we design and deliver.  You won’t get the secret sauce, but we will share our focus on culture, leadership, and customer experience.  And most importantly we will be honest about when things work and if something doesn’t land well. As we all know, there will be many bumps!

Fox in a Box London, we are excited to be part of your journey. And we start at position 100.

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