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When trust pays off

Make our Guests Smile!

Gratitude - a strong feeling of appreciation to someone or something for what the person has done to help you.

When we're children, we're taught to say thank you relentlessly, all of the time. As adults and in business, we probably don't say it as much as we should. However, for 10 weeks last year, in a blue wave of gratitude, the nation came together every Thursday evening to show our appreciation of the NHS and all frontline workers. This is the latest of AKD Solutions claps for some of the fantastic organisations we work with.

Everywhere you go, there's a Holiday Inn. It is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group and is one of the world's largest hotel chains, so it clearly knows something about keeping guests happy.

Make our guests smile! That was a challenge Holiday Inn gave AKD Solutions as part of a European wide project. We were tasked with developing a learning programme themed around re-imagining hotels, how the space is used, the customer experience, etc. We were responsible for designing materials, which needed to resonate with millions of diverse guests from across Europe.

But let's rewind first. We were actually latecomers to the project. When we were exhibiting at World of Learning at the NEC in Birmingham, Holiday Inn's process of identifying a supplier was already underway. Fortuitously we met Liam Burditt and built up a great rapport. Subsequently, we were invited to join the bidding process for the project, and readers, we won!

It was an amazing opportunity. We were given free rein to be creative and try out new ideas, including designing a bespoke learning map and an app.

We would love to say that everything went smoothly. But as an organisation, we believe in transparency and in truth, there were some parts of the project we didn't get right. And it is here that Holiday Inn stayed with us. Rather than walking away, they trusted us to turn things around. They maintained their faith in us, which enabled us to deliver.  

That belief was really important and part of a vital learning experience for us as a company in terms of some of our systems, which are now far more robust. The fact that the client was gracious enough to work with us to turn it around was key. We thank you, Holiday Inn. 🙏🏽

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