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Our series where we give thanks


Gratitude - a strong feeling of appreciation to someone or something for what the person has done to help you

When we're children, we're taught to say thank you relentlessly, all of the time. As adults and in business, we probably don't say it as much as we should. However, last year in a blue wave of gratitude, the nation came together every Thursday evening to show our appreciation of the NHS and all frontline workers.

This is the second of AKDs claps for some of the fantastic organisations we work with.

We're sending a big, stadium filling, wave of gratitude to UK Sport and the four home country Sports Councils; Sport Wales, Sport Northern Ireland, sportscotland and Sport England.

In Autumn 2020 we were invited to pitch for a piece of work - #TellYourStory - looking at the impact of race and racism in sport. In our presentation, we made it very clear that it was personal to us as an organisation and that because of this, we were not going to compromise our style of doing things.

The Sports Councils could have easily felt nervous about this, given that we were an unknown entity to them. But instead, they embraced it. They recognised that there needed to be disruption for meaningful change and showed they were willing to disrupt themselves. Thus, we were able to execute #TellYourStory in a way that was AKD and deliver a lived experience research project of which we are truly proud.

We appreciated that even in the later stages, when the Sports Councils were advising on the report, the feedback from them was positive and constructive.

It was also fantastic that they worked with us to create a platform to feedback to the participants whose stories and experiences were the project's backbone. That the five CEOs all turned up to the session was an impactful statement in terms of their commitment and signified them leaning into this project.

We thank you all.

The report is due to be published shortly.

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