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Gratitude - a strong feeling of appreciation to someone or something for what the person has done to help you

When we’re children, we’re taught to say thank you relentlessly, all of the time. As adults and in business, we probably don’t say it as much as we should. However, last year in a blue wave of gratitude, the nation came together every Thursday evening to show our appreciation of the NHS and all frontline workers.

This is the first of AKDs claps for some of the fantastic organisations we work with.

We want to thank MTR Elizabeth line (MTREL), the award-winning UK train operator. AKD Solutions has been working with MTREL for around four years. What has stood out is their openness to push boundaries. They gave us permission to be very creative and try things that have never been done before, to innovate and surprise them.  

They commissioned AKD Solutions to design and deliver Empower, a senior leadership team development programme. It is one of the pieces of work we are most proud of in terms of leadership. It has been a fantastic course. It was very experiential, and we spent time with amazing partners such as Professor Jules Goddard, UK Athletics, Metro bank and DB Schenker, exploring a wide range of issues. These included, “Connecting Me to My Best Me”, “Changing the Rules” and “The Bigger Picture”.  

What made the programme particularly special was building such close relationships with the participants and their appreciation of our contribution to their success, following the course. Three members of the first cohort now sit on the Executive board.

Designing and delivering the Global Leadership Assessment Centre was one of our “stretch moments”. It was complex, detailed, with lots of moving parts, but it gave all the participants an incredible experience that they will never forget.

We’re particularly grateful to the MTREL HR Director Alison Bell for her vision, trust and belief in the creative possibilities. We also thank the former Head of Learning, Richard Wilde, who introduced us and Carol Poole, for her immense support.

When the pandemic hit, we received a call from MTREL saying they were there for us. They put an arm around us, and that meant so much to everyone at AKD Solutions.

We are truly grateful.

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