Apr 25, 2021

George Floyd: One year on...

One year ago, we witnessed the modern day lynching of George Floyd. For 9 minutes and 29 seconds a world in lockdown watched a man's life being denied by a law enforcer meant to protect all. This moment is seared into the memory of millions.

So what's changed?

So much. Race has always been kicked into the long grass as something too difficult and too uncomfortable. Now we are actively engaging.

People are having debates and discussions that would never have happened if it was not for this tragedy caught in entirety on the mobile phone of a 17-year-old passer-by.

Whilst the Government seems to want to silence this conversation with the much-derided "Sewell Report", industry is being far braver and making bold steps for change. Clearly, some organisations are more fearless and committed than others. Many have done 'race equity' for the optics, but this year we've seen clients who have been genuinely intentional.

There has been a rollercoaster of emotion, indignation, fear, embarrassment, fatigue, and these feelings won't go away quickly, but they do provide us with a space to make shifts.

One of the most profound statements we heard after the guilty verdict against the police officer was that "They see us now". And we think this reigns true. Colour blindness is always a policy of denial.

The work that we've done with some of our clients has been simply brilliant.
London Marathon Events, Hat Trick, Warner Bros, Orsted, Yorkshire Building Society, to name a few.

The Black Owned Economy has been a fantastic response. It is an economic engine that has brought exposure to so many brilliant black entrepreneurs who were previously invisible.

We believe that we have come to a critical juncture in history. If we lean in, we will make significant strides, and if we shy away, we will have to wait for another
George Floyd moment.

We have to ask ourselves if the lynching of a black man in 2020 isn't enough to shift the racial lens, then what is?