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The past year's events have placed a lens on Diversity and Inclusion.

Equally Yours

With most of the UK's 50 biggest employers confirming they'll embrace hybrid working, part office/ part home, in the wake of the pandemic, the delivery of vital learning and development is set for a radical shake up.

Fifteen months ago, we were proud to be developing more of our award-winning learning maps. These bespoke maps were one of our USPs. They are massive board games tailored to organisational needs. In-person delivery was always dynamic, challenging, thought-provoking and fun. Equally Yours was often described as "transformative". Then suddenly, the pandemic hit.

How do you translate an experience that relies on close teamwork, eye contact, excellent listening skills, open dialogue, and reflection in person onto a digital platform? We had to adapt quickly and work out how to put our most popular learning map online. We scratched our heads, brought together some great socially distanced, creative minds and cracked it.

The past year's events have placed a lens on Diversity and Inclusion. We know that digital Equally Yours can shape and enhance any organisations D&I strategy. The space we create gives participants the freedom to delve deeper into issues, have an honest dialogue, reflect and understand how they see and engage with others. It helps create a narrative within your organisation, to support or even shape your strategy.

Board games are always fun, whether you're eight or 80, and now you can connect and play with anyone anywhere in the world as most of them are digital too. That's what we're delivering, learning for the Future.

We are always adding to our free leadership and management courses and demos, to spark brilliance by designing and delivering stimulating, challenging and fun learning experiences and training programs. Our ACE free online Leadership Workshops can be found here. Contact Us for a FREE demo on 0345 034 1105 or email