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Coaching Advisory Panel

This week started with some really thought provoking and stimulating conversation and debate with colleagues from across the sporting landscape. I have the honor of being part of UK Coaching's Advisory Panel, a collective of diverse people from across the sports spectrum helping to shape and direct, in the most effective way, coaching across the UK.

We discussed UK Coaching's strategy over the next 10 years and its's key aspirations, the professionalisation of coaching and what this actually means, a coaches association and how this could work and who could lead this. We also had some brilliant presentations from 'Peace Players Northen Ireland' and the transformative effect of the work that they do building cohesion between young people and communities divided by sectarianism, alongside what the role of the coach is in the Sport for Development arena and what does a great coach look like in this context and through that lens.

What was great about this was the opportunity to meet with colleagues face to face for the first time in a very long time and have some honest, open, authentic and challenging debate. We may not have set the world to rights, but we certainly did move coaches and coaching to the very center of positive change in the sporting landscape.

All of that and the magical 'Disney Land' quality of St Georges Park, home of the England's national teams, this was a real worthwhile 2 days. I even got to take full advantage of early morning swims and a relaxing steam before the working day!

Ladi Ajayi

Head of Sports

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