About AKD Solutions

Stimulating Brilliance is about helping you to optimise your vision, people and business. We create innovative learning experiences that stimulate conversation, thinking and change. We do this using a range of methodologies including game-based learning, instructional design and great facilitation.

We understand some of the challenges that you experience, whether they are around cultural transformation, diversity and inclusion, customer experience or conflict resolution. We work with you to identify the issues and design, develop and deliver solutions that address the challenges, both immediately and long term.

Are you looking for a fresh and innovative approach? When you work with us, we:
1. Develop a deep understanding of who you are, and the root causes of your challenges
2. Work closely with you, co-creating solutions that are bespoke for your needs
3. Support you to facilitate learning solutions that have impact, are sustainable and deliver the success you seek

We are privileged to work with brilliant clients across the world, whether an entrepreneurial start up, or one of the world’s largest brands. No matter how big or small you are, the service you get will be unique to you.

Please explore our website. There’s information on the services we offer and the clients we’ve worked with. We’ve also got articles and white papers that will help you understand the uniqueness of AKD.

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