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A major hotel group asked us to develop a learning solution to help transform the customer experience from check-in to check-out. We have been asked to support the European phase of a global project.     We needed to understand how different spaces within the hotel had been re-engineered, the new operation procedures and what behaviours were required to consistently deliver a great customer experience.     


Our Approach

In developing this solution we drew inspiration from one of the projects we had undertaken with the retail brand C&A, who also had a large number of staff across multiple European locations.
We had to create content that could be used easily by managers and team leaders, in short bursts over a period of months.   
We think of the process as “drip-feeding”, with employees being inspired to think about the customer experience over a period of time in a way that encourages them to consolidate and embed behaviours.



Our learning solution had a number of different elements. For the first phase, we connected one of our tailored learning maps to an app designed to help managers work with employees on improving customer experience. The app also was used for coaching in the moment, allowing managers to have coaching conversations with their staff, using videos to reinforce key messages and capturing the key points of the conversation. 

We are still working on this exciting project and are looking ahead to the completion of the European rollout.

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