Transforming Recruitment Using Stories

100 to 1 has a dual purpose.   As a company, AKD has an ethos of Stimulating Brilliance.  We wanted to explore the impact of learning and solutions we design and deliver.  Fox in a Box is the newest escape room in London.   The CEO is Sheyi Thomas.   He set us the challenge “ help us to get from 100 to 1 on TripAdvisor”.    On the flip side its Sheyi’s honest story of the emotional, mental and physical rollercoaster of being an entrepreneur.


One of the reasons we love working with Fox in a Box is because they refuse to accept the norm and are always challenging.


Sheyi and Shola were doing a round of recruitment and it was clear that Sheyi was frustrated by the process and was looking for a different way. He was clear on what he was looking for but was seeking a better way to allow candidates to have the best opportunity to shine in the process.


So we set down and bounced ideas around about how we could create an interview process that was more aligned to Fox in a Box culturally.


Fox in a Box needs staff that can really connect with customers whether they are hosts or Game Masters. So I suggested allowing people to tell stories. When people stories well, they come alive, paint pictures, use humour and most importantly create a connection with people.  They loved the idea.


So they changed the interview process. On a flip chart, they wrote 10 statements, all linked to qualities they were looking for.  Candidates were asked to choose 3 that resonated with them the most and explain why.


Sheyi said the process was transformative. “It completely changed the concept of recruitment for me. We got people’s truths and not answers they thought we wanted to hear.  It was a far more honest and enjoyable experience for everyone”.


One of the statements was “one foot in front of the other”.  One candidate told his personal story of losing his dad, another how he used to be really overweight and had to make life-changing decisions”.  Another statement led to a candidate describing themselves as cheeky to which they asked ‘what’s the cheekiest thing you’ve ever done’. The candidate told the story of when he was at college and he was going to be late, so he brought a cookie from Subway to bribe the teacher. The story itself wasn’t anything special but Sheyi said the way in which the story was told was amazing and they knew instantly “this person is hired”.


So by challenging the norm, Fox in a Box London was able to create some fresh and engaging and right for them.  A new group of staff is about to begin their journey and join an exciting and vibrant company.  Sheyi and Shola are very excited about these new candidates. Fox in a Box is currently 11 on TripAdvisor. So this may be the push that they need to get them into the top 10