The Unsung Hero

In every organisation, there are unsung heroes. Fox in a Box London is no exception. The name
of this unsung hero is Shola Thomas, the Operations Manager. She’s also Sheyi’s sister and Akins
daughter. Along this whole journey, she has just got stuff done.


18 months ago, AKD remembers Sheyi was struggling to make the decisions about when to push the
green button. It was a massive financial commitment and he didn’t have all the finances in
place. Shola sat him down and told him to do it ”worst-case scenario we will work in
McDonald’s” to repay the money. Minutes later the green button was pushed. Her faith in the
project and in him propelled him.


Along the whole journey, we have seen her tackle every challenge that came her way. Every day AKD
saw her learning new things, about reading architectural plans, bringing electrical supplies to
the site, having to arrange health and safety training. The list was literally endless.
If there was a problem she fixed it. Don’t get us wrong it’s been easy for them. They have
rubbed each other up and it’s been an emotional rollercoaster for both of them. But without
her, this project wouldn’t be the growing success it is.


In this phase, she has done crazy hours, suffered sleep deprivation and her friends don’t even
know what she looks like anymore. She’s been the game master, the host, the cleaner, the
goffer and anything else that needed doing.


She has really shone in the role of host and she has really defined the check-in and check out
part of the journey. A key reason for the amazing TripAdvisor reviews is the connection Shola
makes with the guests, whether 11 or 70. It’s a stand out feature.


So not only does AKD want to salute Shola Thomas, but every unsung hero, who doesn’t get or seek
the limelight, but without them, our success would be limited or hindered. A big thank you.


And yes we are moving on up. We are number 14. OMG!!