Moving On Up

Over the last month, we have done some intense work with the Fox in a Box London team.


Sheyi has been passionate about creating a great working culture.  They had done some really great work on brand personality and we all agreed there was no need to over complicate things, but to use, cheeky, fun, ambitious and community as core to everything we do.


Sheyi insisted on a comprehensive induction programme and with this, we set out to design a 3-day induction programme with a strong emphasis on creating an emotional connection with the brand.


The majority of our focus has been on understanding the customer journey.  We’ve drawn on our experience of working Holiday Inn and Z Hotels to develop the customer’s journey from check-in to check-out. We’ve spent a lot of time refining what needs to be included in each element and trying to ensure that we give staff time to engage with guests.



We’ve also have a clearer understanding of the skills and experience that is needed in reception and so now Fox in a Box are recruiting hosts. This wasn’t part of the original plan, but we’ve quickly appreciated the importance of hosting and the mid to long term benefits it will bring.


So although financially it does provide a challenge, Sheyi has agreed it’s the right thing to do. So we spend hours practising check-in, identifying the must-dos and the nice to have – but there are no scripts because staff have to feel and believe it, to make it a great experience.


There’s been an immense amount of 1 to 1 coaching with Sheyi.  If you read his first post, he spoke honestly about the challenges and perseverance.   The pressure has been tremendous and has impacted on him physically and emotionally. This has challenged me.  As a father, you want to step in and take away the pressure.


But I know that Sheyi has to go through these challenges because this is a test of his character and faith.  This is the real building blocks of success. So we spend a lot of time looking at how to keep your eye on the big picture, whilst having to deal with the battles of today.  The thing I keep telling him is “hold your nerve.”



The team have been very good at resolving issues and they have come thick and fast.  But always the team have rallied and this has been a great highlight of this period.



The number of customers grows steadily, the feedback is constantly very positive.  People love the game, but the thing that stands out for me is the feedback on just how friendly the team is and it feels very different to other escape rooms the guests have experienced.  How does this translate on our journey from 100 to 1. To be honest, at this stage I had expected to be in the high 70s, but today Fox in a Box London is ranked 50!!! Come on!



Akin Thomas