Successful collaboration with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) is a professional and member-led organisation for physiotherapists in the United-Kingdom. Originally founded by four nurses in 1894, it was awarded its Royal Charter in 1920 and has since grown to become the profession’s leading membership organisation in the UK.


In 2017, the CSP implemented a three-year corporate strategy aiming to introduce a new set of values within their organisation and to reinforce the importance of members and staff working collectively in achieving shared goals.


Our Approach


Andrea Barber is the Head of Human Resources & Organisational Development at the CSP.  She wanted a creative approach to embedding the strategy, which needed to capture interest and attention.


Therefore, our mantra ‘People learn more when they are having fun’ was a great fit for their needs. “The very important thing for us was to highlight how we do things and using gamification to embed some of those values seemed to be the best way to start conversations” Andrea Barber adds.


Using our years of expertise in creating bespoke learning solutions, our team consulted with the CSP and collaboratively created a learning map which was designed to ensure that all their values were embedded. Linda Otabor, Client Services and Project Manager for the CSP project expresses: “We needed to ensure that the learning programme supported staff to the values of the paper and understand what these values looked like on a day-to-day basis.  The CSP wanted a solution that stimulated conversation around their values to generate a greater emotional connection and ownership.”


Mel Palmer was the Senior Associate for this project. Along with Warren Langer-Watts, one of our creatives, Mel facilitated a development meeting with the CSP to set out the needs and expectations for this project and to start to co-create the solution.


Mel Palmer expresses this crucial stage, “Key thing to a successful project is listening. Listening to what the client has to say to really understand what’s wanted. Building a report with the clients, helping them feel that they can trust you and rely on you. So I re-ensured them from the beginning that my job was to help them to feel really confident about delivering this, that there wasn’t anything for them to worry about but to come with me on the journey and to trust me on it.”




TIE island on the CSP learning map

As a result of a great collaborative work and trust established between both AKD and the CSP members, the team decided to co-create an appropriate bespoke an ‘Adventure Learning Map’ featuring the key values of the organisation. Andrea was impressed with the process, “Warren’s ability to change his original idea was impressive. He responded very well and in five minutes he came up with a new design. Everyone was very collaborative, they all listened and built on our feedback.”


“By working so closely with the CSP staff member, the design element kicked off there. It was a very creative experience, we were able to use all the colours and even the shapes of their values to form the islands. At the center of the game, we created the ‘TIE island’, the acronym for Transform, Influence and Empower for example, which represent their strategic goal.” Mel Palmer explains. Linda Otabor also agrees that the collaborative work and constant communication between AKD and the CSP was very helpful in order to bring their vision “to life”.


Alongside the design process, Mel lead on the creation of the content, designed to stimulate conversation, stimulate thinking that will lead to stimulating change.


When the development phase was completed Mel led a two days ‘Train the trainers’ programme to ensure that all facilitators had the knowledge and skills to use the learning map. Mel was really impressed with how the programme went. “It was quite a transformation experience. I saw many moments where really bright staff members gained new insights and awareness into how to manage groups and how to facilitate. They will take those skills with them whenever and wherever they’re doing their work.”


Andrea Barber was enthusiastic about the professional-look of the product, its great quality and its flexibility to be used in many different ways. “Every single person we showed it to was very impressed with the quality of the product. Even though our training hasn’t yet started we also showed it to people who were skeptical in the first place and they all said that they could see it working and being useful. No one was critical of it.”




“How AKD listen to really understand what will for best for us was what really stood out.”