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Current Fellow of the London Business School (LBS) and member of the Academic Committee of CEDEP at INSEAD, Professor Jules Goddard is also known for his work as a lead designer and director of senior-level and high-profile development programmes for many global companies including BP, ICL-Fujitsu, Rolls-Royce, Orange, Danone, and Volvo.  In fact, the Professor was awarded as the winner of the EFMD Award for Excellence for Designing, Delivering and Directing the “Leading Edge Programme” for Danone (2004-2014).


“Bringing innovative and experiential learning experiences”


After graduating from Oxford University in the 1960s, Dr. Goddard went to become the first person to undertake a Ph.D. in Management at LBS. Later on in the 1980s and following the set up of a construction company in restoring houses and Chateaux in the South of France, Dr. Goddard taught MBA and Ph.D. students at LBS. Only then he became the first lecturer to bring the teaching of philosophy, performing arts as well as the first director of company-specific programmes to use ‘discovery experiences’ as a platform for experiential learning.


Sharing knowledge with a wider audience


The Professor has widely written on the implementation of strategy, the architecture of core competence, the management of brands and innovation, and the intellectual history of marketing. In 2012, his book Uncommon Sense, Common Nonsense was shortlisted for ‘Best Management Book of the Year’ by the Chartered Management Institute.


Moreover, his article ‘The Fatal Bias’ was awarded as ‘Best Management Article of the Year’ a year later and he has also contributed to Business: The Ultimate Resource (Bloomsbury), The Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Psychology (Blackwell), and The Complete Guide to Modern Management (Mercury) and to the editorial content for the London Business School Quarterly and The International of Advertising.


“I know Akin through the incomparable Annmarie Lewis, one of my heroines. He gave a talk at one of her events – and I was bowled over. Wise, funny, humble, inspiring …”


We personally met Dr. Jules Goddard a few years ago and since then we have been working to inspire and explore oganisational change together. Along with the Professor we enjoy giving the space and the opportunity for our clients to discuss and allow new thinking as well as stimulate new emerging ideas in the changing world of Learning & Development.


Dr. Jules Goddard’s last words on AKD Solutions: Pioneering, Humanistic, Pragmatic 



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