Sharing values and challenging thoughts with our team

As people expressed their “surprise” when meeting a successful person from Syria, Lara Khalaf decided to use her great public speaking and professional coaching skills to go on stage and hold a TEDx Talk


Lara Khalaf moved to the UK when she was 24-year-old and has had jobs in many different industries, including being a fish and chips vendor in Brighton, before getting where she is. Today, she is an Elite Leadership Coach & Trainer, Co-author and International Speaker working internationally primarily with women in business and female entrepreneurs and has her own business in Spain in medical care.



Lara came across AKD first as a client during a CIPD conference when she was looking for new ways of stimulating, challenging and delivering training, she remembers the very first thing she loved about AKD; “The colours of the AKD board was what drawn me into having a conversation”.


Being asked to become an Associate was like “Being a gift for me”


Lara first learned her leadership and business skills at the age of 16 when her father allowed her to join his business during the school holidays.


Despite her significant experience in coaching and leading teams she considers AKD as a platform providing her with the opportunity to think and grow both professionally and personally, “One of the things about being a coach is that we are here to stimulate people, to challenge this minds, to support them and their learning development but we also need that ourselves. We can only take clients as deep as we have experienced ourselves”


Sharing values and challenging thoughts in a diverse environment


At AKD we promote equality and stimulate conversation in a diverse and international environment. One of our greatest learning solutions is ‘Equally Yours’ driving people to look at themselves before looking at others. This popular learning solution suits our culture as it aims to provoke honest conversations and helps to bring tolerance. 


The experienced Elite Leadership coach, trainer and International Speaker agrees that having discussions when working in international collaborations aids to grow as a person. She adds that AKD helps her learn and grow as it brings people from different backgrounds, experiences and from different cultures. “I was very happy to invited to be part of AKD because there is a set of values we share here.”


Boost growth


In order for us to stimulate conversation, shine and provide our clients with the best we work alongside with great professionals and provide our associates with training programmes where together we aim to learn and inspire. “There are always tips and tricks and other things we learn from each other. It’s all about personal excellence, personal development and expansion of the mind. Akin is a person that truly inspires me and listening to him is like an open book.”



“We know what we know, so if I want to be better and my standards to be the best in what I am doing I need somebody to challenge some of those thoughts, and I need somebody to help me grow and I think that AKD is a great way.”