Why “Ti Amo” worked for Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium is a global market leader in the supply of raw materials for the titanium dioxide industry, as well as a worldwide leader in the production of other high-quality industrial minerals, pig iron, steel and metal powders. With more than 5,000 staff working across the globe, it’s vital to maintain a high level of employee communication and engagement.

All major corporations need to be inward looking as part of an ongoing process of improvement: one area we wanted to review was employee engagement. Our leaders are very clear that staff engagement is a critical element of our future success.

An innovative approach was hugely important and we engaged AKD Solutions following a presentation they gave at the London Business School. I worked with Akin, their CEO, and he proposed a half day programme entitled “Ti Amo” (I love you – in Italian). It was different and I thought it was a great way to challenge our thinking and behaviour in a way that was both thought-provoking and constructive.

Over the course of a half day workshop our AKD facilitator helped us to refine our company’s mission statement, identify our core values, and define what engagement looked like to us. The session was very creatively put together and the facilitator helped us to quickly and effectively get to the heart of key issues, and reach decisions in a very inclusive way.

It certainly proved the value of having an experienced consultancy looking at our organization. Their independent assessment of our situation has enabled us to devise realistic, practical solutions to move forward.

I know I speak for all the participants when I say that AKD has played a pivotal role in helping us to shape an organization that our people are proud to work for.

Thank you AKD!

Tim Paterson is the HR Business Partner for Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium, Diamonds & Minerals

Rio Tinto Montreal, Canada