Why I did the Ice Bucket Challenge

There were two reasons I did the Ice Bucket Challenge and donate. Firstly my ego doesn’t allow for me to be nominated , especially by my daughter and live in perpetual shame if I didn’t. But secondly it is a phenomenal example of how to harness the power of social media. You can agree or disagree with the challenge, however the creativity of one person has caused a global movement. In less than one month, the Ice Bucket Challenge has raised £57 million for the ALS Association (Motor Neurone Disease). The year before in the same period the charity raised £1.6 Million.

It’s unfortunate, that for a lot of people the real meaning behind the ice bucket challenge has been diluted or lost. Given the huge numbers involved, this is somewhat inevitable. What’s important is this is an amazing example of how a little known organisation can create such a massive global imprint.

For those organisations who are still reluctant or doubtful about how social media can help them, please take stock. Social Media has inherent risk. But good planning and governance mitigates this. Focus on the potential rewards. We recently did a workshop with a Housing Association. Delegates were sceptical and didn’t see the value or any practical application. In 15 minutes, we helped them to come up with 15 simply ideas that all agreed would add real value to the service.

Social Media: Risks and Rewards is a ½ day workshop that provides a great starting point to explore how social media can really enhance your customer experience.  Has the title suggests, we work with organisations to understand and manage risk, but we push boundaries on what are infinite possibilities.  This course may just be the springboard for your organisation creating the world’s next ice bucket challenge.