Ti Amo – Do Your Staff Love You?

Customer experience is a rapidly changing phenomena; a fact not always grasped by organisations. One example is the way “loyalty to brands” has evolved into “falling in love with brands”.

I regularly encounter organisations grappling with this issue, usually picked up by them after recognising that normal patterns of consumerism have been disrupted.  It’s vital to respond quickly, before the client base is charmed away by competitors.

How Well Do You Know Your Team?

Superlative Customer Experience can only be delivered by staff who are capable AND self-driven to create a great service.   The old adage “Look after your staff and they will look after your customers” became exhausted some time ago.  In this day and age it’s no longer enough.

In recent months I’ve found myself eavesdropping on conversations staff are having about their organisation (in the spirit of research!).   My heart often sinks at the discontent, criticism, unhappiness and, in some cases, outright venom I’ve heard.  I can only recall a handful of conversations which were full of enthusiasm and passion.

What is the real cost to your organisation of staff who don’t love you?  Can they really deliver an outstanding experience to your customers?

Making Customers’ Hearts Miss A Beat

If your organisation wants to become a “loved brand” your staff need to love you too.  For those shifting uncomfortably in your chairs replace “love” with “staff engagement”.  But don’t be fooled…true engagement is underpinned by love and that means you need to love your staff too (a subject is for another time).

Love should be impulsive, exciting and dynamic between the right partners.  The problem is that organisations often don’t make the best of partners!

Ti Amo is Italian for “I love you”.  We often use the concept of love as a powerful analogy for developing strong and meaningful staff engagement at all levels.  AKD’s approach to engagement is based on:

  • Engagement being a two-way process, as with any relationship, but the organisation must be genuine, committed and consistent in how it behaves.
  • Engaged staff becoming knowledgeable, trusting, empowered and emotionally committed to the organisation and its customers.

Engaged staff who love your brand are always going to give you a competitive edge because love is contagious.

The Power of Love

Our Ti Amo model has 4 Phases. This article focuses on one: “Catch Their Eye“.

Most of you will remember the moment when someone has caught your eye.  It may have been a glance on a train or their perfume as they passed you.  Whatever the catalyst was I’ve no doubt the experience was compelling and captured you.

The equivalent of “Catch Their Eye” for staff engagement is your vision and core ideology.

Does your vision compel and excite your staff? Or is it just a set of words that, sadly, only excites the senior management who drafted them?

A vision has no value if it fails to inspire, capture and compel the very people you rely on to make the vision happen.

People want to belong to something that is meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling, so test your vision by asking colleagues:

  •  To articulate what the vision means, and how they can contribute to it every time they come to work;
  • How they personally express and act out the vision’s values, and how they see others doing this.

If you test and your staff pass…“Congratulations”.

If you test and your staff fail…it’s a warning your vision and core ideology may not be fit for purpose, or you may have the wrong staff!

If your organisation, staff and customers need to “Feel The Love” perhaps it’s time you asked AKD about “Ti Amo”.


Akin Thomas is the CEO of AKD Solutions (and creative responsible for Ti Amo)

Tel: 0845 519 3839

Email: info@akdsolutions.com