The Jury’s No Longer Out……

Tuesday 9th June saw the dramatic conclusion of the case of AKD vs. Monotony at Brown’s Courtroom, London.

Members of the extensive 25 strong jury were shown an impressive list of exhibits to help them reach a decision:

AKD’s Interactive Training Tools Equally Yours, Enhancing Patient Experience and Risk Management Made Easy grabbed jurors’ attention and generated much discussion.

Then a redesigned version of Transforming Conflict Resolution caused much murmuring about the changes and their effect, with nods of approval for the new look and content. The case against monotony was gaining momentum.

AKD also produced a new star exhibit; our most recent addition: Quest for Sales. The medieval theme of this sales training tool took many of the jurors by surprise, before the detail was revealed to show how it improves skills, mindset and talents to create brilliant salespeople.

Then the coup de grace, as AKD showcased their final two exhibits with Discover Your Leadership DNA and Enhancing Customer Experience. These proved to be the most sought after training tools on the day and a decisive factor in the jury’s conclusions.

The Jury’s Verdict: AKD proved their case that people learn more when they are having fun because this stimulates brilliance in everyone. Monotony was found guilty of disrupting the world of Learning & Development and banished to the past.

All law puns aside we’d like to thank all the guests (jurors) who attended our Stimulating Brilliance event and our facilitators for their infectious enthusiasm and hard work on the day.

A number of our guests were kind enough to offer their thoughts on the day:

Professor Jules Goddard from the London Business School: “It was a wonderful morning … and, as I said to Akin, I learned about a whole new approach to learning. Everyone found it enjoyable, insightful and intriguing.”

If you’ve enjoyed reading this “Court Report” and would like to discuss any of the interactive training tools shown as our exhibits on the day, please contact us on 0845 519 3839 or email to