The Learning Map Collection

The Learning Map Collection forms a unique, highly successful learning experience for participants and created a wave of interest around our stand at the CIPD L&D Show in 2015…as delegates tested the most engaging method of training they’d ever encountered.

The Learning Map Collection applies “gamefication” models in a way that grabs participants’ attention the moment they enter the room.

These tools are essentially board games, thoughtfully designed and hand-crafted to create an environment which allows delegates to learn while they’re having fun (and subliminally develops greater knowledge, awareness and conviction to improve their performance).

Why this works

The format utilises the same psychology that allows children to develop valuable life skills through play. The board game is disarming and encourages engagement more quickly because it’s different, colourful and intriguing. It is also strangely familiar.

Participants typically exhibit the same range of behaviours: the use of strategic planning, analysing risk and reward, applying knowledge to achieve specific aims and objectives, employing creativity and innovation to outwit colleagues, and the benefits to be gained through working with others.

The courses within our Learning Map Collection develop the key skills required in a forward thinking working environment: collaboration, creative thinking, reflection and decision-making. They cover subjects that benefit most from using this format and can be branded with your organisation’s details. The content can be adapted to reflect the training needs of your business too, so participants readily identify with the scenarios they will encounter.

Tackling the difficult

Our Learning Map Collection focuses on the more challenging areas of training; tackling subjects that are often perceived as boring, sensitive or difficult, where the board game format transforms the learning experience and makes it as encompassing as possible.

Want to play?

You can view our current Learning Maps using our Navigation Menu. These will help you quickly discover which tools are most relevant to your organisation’s learning and development needs.

The best way to assess these particular courses is to try them out. Simply call us on +44 (0)845 519 3839 to arrange a demonstration and we’ll show you why “people learn more when they’re having fun”.